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Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training came to be after working multiple years under the constraints of insurance restrictions.

It was born out of a desire to provide excellent care to the pediatric population without the limitations of insurance.

Unleash the limitless potential within your child

At Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training, we believe each child is unique. We pride ourselves in not simply treating a diagnosis but a whole person, and family. We believe children have limitless potential and we want to help each patient during their rehabilitation and wellness journey.

The best care in PT from birth to college, always

We specialize in a range of pediatric patients from birth to collegiate, striving to meet an infant’s motor milestones to returning an athlete fully back to their beloved sport or activities.

We are the only practice that bridges the gap between rehabilitation and a full, safe return to play.

From playing NCAA Division I sports to living my professional passion

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Lindsey Bragg has over two decades of training in athletics both personally and professionally. She competed in Division I collegiate sports and has since spent most of her professional career working with athletes of all levels. 

Dr. Lindsey developed her passion treating the pediatric population while working at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and has expertise working with babies, a very unique expertise you cannot find in every pediatric physical therapist. She is passionate about helping each new family understand the therapy an infant needs while providing a play-based experience in a comfortable setting. 

Dr. Lindsey knows how important care in pediatrics is as it impacts development for the future of each pediatric patient  She knows from first hand experience what is  lacking in the field. 

Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training is the best kid’s physical therapy practice for a reason.Make sure you check out our client testimonials and book your consult today to start receiving the best care in children’s physical therapy in South Florida

The best pediatric physical therapist in South Florida, guaranteed.


Meet the Founder, Dr. Lindsey Bragg, PT, DPT

  • Hello! I am Dr. Lindsey Bragg, PT, DPT and I am so excited you are here!
  • THE CARE OF YOUR CHILD MATTERS and that is why I started Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training.
  • At Jump Start, 100% of each visit is one-on-one with a Doctor in Physical Therapy (no aides, assistants or technicians).
  • The quality of care is my utmost priority over the quantity of appointments scheduled.
  • I have exceptional knowledge and handling skills in working with infants, toddlers and teen athletes!
  • My approach is play-based which promotes positive and engaging treatment experiences for infants and toddlers.
  • You will always have clear and accessible communication with a Doctor in Physical Therapy, who is vetted by me to ensure top quality.
  • Cash prices always – say goodbye to insurance restrictions!
  • We have treated hundreds of patients with torticollis, plagiocephaly (flat head), gross motor development delay, cerebral palsy.
  • We have also treated orthopedic conditions such as back pain, knee pain, fractures, strains, and sprains.


We specialize in the treatment of neurodevelopmental and orthopedic conditions. With infant’s in particular, early intervention is key and we see babies as young as a few weeks old. We make it easy for your child to receive the best care possible by coming to your home and treating them in their most comfortable setting. We believe all therapy should be fun and engaging and utilize purposeful play to target age appropriate motor development.

Sports related injuries in children are common. Often times children are specializing in their sport at a younger age and playing nearly year round. This can possibly increase the chance for an overuse injury. We also specialize in treating post operative athletes. We are passionate about working with athletes who have undergone an ACL reconstruction and returning them to their beloved sport at their prior level or better. 

Tummy time, sitting, rolling, crawling, parent and me, and so much more! Join us in-person for our pop up classes or anytime virtually for our wellness online classes. All classes are led by a trained doctor of physical therapy and aimed to help your infant progress towards each milestone. 

Keeping children active is a must! Due to the increase in sports specialization at a young age and kids playing for greater periods throughout the year, overuse injuries are more common. Our sports performance training addresses the specific needs of your child or team to keep them healthy and playing their beloved sports.  Jump Start your child’s sports performance today!



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