Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training


Parent & Me Wellness

[For Babies 0 – 24 Months]

We recognize the joy of parenthood comes with many emotional and physical changes for both parents and baby, so we created a wellness program to support each. 

We developed the Parent and Me Wellness program to meet the needs of the new infant and the postpartum/post-natal parents.

This program will promote a safe exercise program for you and your infant. 

Tummy Time & More

[For Babies 0 – 4 Months]

In the class the family will learn the why to tummy time and the how! We will walk families through the various positions that are classified as tummy time and how to get creative to make it a successful, engaging, and positive experience for all. Also, in this class we will discuss the other very important positions to place their child in to promote their development and how to engage their child in purposeful play.

Let's Get Rolling

[For Babies 4 + Months]

We will cover the important activities needed to be a successful and independent roller. We will educate on activities to work on rolling from both belly to back and back to belly. We will discuss handling and practice positioning to assist with rolling. We will also go over sitting and the different positions appropriate at this stage.

Mastering Crawling

[For Babies 6 + Months]

This class will discuss why crawling is so important for both gross motor and neuromotor development. We will go over activities to prepare for crawling, how to encourage crawling, and then how to progress it. This class will discuss how to set up the child’s environment to encourage a place for crawling to be practiced and discuss some compensations we commonly see, such as the 3 legged crawl. This class will also be beneficial if the kiddo skipped crawling and you want to help them get back to it.

Mastered Walking? What's Next?

[For Babies 18 + Months]

In this class we will cover the gross motor skills that come after walking. Some things we will go over are stair climbing, ball skills (kicking, throwing, and catching), and jumping preparation. We will break down what is necessary to acquire these skills and cover handling techniques, environment set up, and purposeful play ideas to build confidence and encourage development.

Mastering Running & Jumping

[For Toddlers 24 + Months]

In this class we will cover all things running and jumping. We will break down the different skills needed for jumping and discuss the different types of jumping we should see. We will discuss balancing on one foot and the progression into running. We will cover handling techniques and how to set up an environment to work on these skills. The playground or park can be a great space to work on running and jumping, so we will discuss how to use these spaces safely and to your advantage.  

Playground Skills

[For Toddlers 24 + Months]

Curious about playground skills? Perfect! In this class, we will discuss all things related to best uses of playground equipment for purposeful play and gross motor development. Also, we will go over some tips on how to create a safe indoor space that can be used similarly to playground equipment. This class will highlight how helpful playground equipment can be for gross motor development while keeping it fun!


    PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure you fill out this form prior to class. If you have any questions involving payment or class time please contact our staff by texting us at 954-282-1347

    My physician, and my child’s/children’s physician, have provided clearance for participation in physical exercise and wellness classes.

    By submitting this form I certify that if any concerns arise during my or my child’s participation in these classes or after, I will notify the instructor immediately.

    I hereby certify that the statements here are true, correct, and accurate as of the date of the signing of this document. If during the course of your child’s participation in this program any answer changes, you will immediately inform us of the changes.

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