Find out why baby-wearing is good for both babies and parents, and how to do it safely.

If you ask expecting parents to show you their baby registry, you will most likely see a baby carrier on their wish list. The practice of baby-wearing involves using a carrier, wrap or sling to keep your baby close to your body and your hands free throughout the day. It has become a pretty common practice and oftentimes you will see both mom and dad sporting their carrier around town and even at home. 

While baby-wearing is a common form of attachment parenting and has demonstrated many benefits, research by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that there is a need for parent education on the use of baby-wearing products.

Some of the benefits of baby-wearing include:

  1. Improved success with breastfeeding
  2. Improved infant to parent bonding
  3. Reduced crying
  4. Appears to promote language development and benefit cognitive and emotional growth
  5. Reduced risk of flat head syndrome
  6. Optimize hip positioning for joint development

Adequate Baby-wearing Tips By Pediatric Physical Therapist and Infant Specialist

The most precious thing parents will ever carry is their baby. So, while buying a carrier based on brand is simple and may feel “safe”, parents should be educated on proper sizing, selection and wear of baby carriers in order to maximize safety for both parent and baby and promote healthy development.

Founder and pediatric physical therapist, Dr. Lindsey Bragg, PT, DPT is an advocate for baby-wearing but in order to do it safely she suggests:

  1. Select a baby carrier that holds the baby closely against your body
  2. The fabric should be supportive
  3. The carrier should be comfortable to the wearer and not place excess stress or strain on the body
  4. In the first 6 months of life the baby should be placed facing the wearer
  5. The infant should be placed high enough that you can kiss their head
  6. Their chin should not be against their chest
  7. The carrier should allow for the infant’s legs to be placed in an “M” shape with knees above the hips
  8. Each time you use the carrier double check the straps to ensure they are secure and the infant cannot fall out

Baby wearing should be a positive experience for all and may take a few tries to get it just right. There are many different carriers on the market so be sure that whichever you select it provides the opportunities mentioned above. Stellas Baby’s The 6 in 1 Baby carrier does just that and as an added bonus it grows with you. So, you will be able to use one carrier from birth to 48 months of life! Read below for more information on the carrier and company. And be sure to take advantage of the discount code mentioned at the end.

About Stellas Baby - The 6 in 1 Baby Carrier

A grandmother and mom to her own children, founder Betsy Warburton, married her passion for babies with business when she decided to launch Stellas Baby. After extensive research on various carrier styles and their manufacturers, Warburton landed on one of the most complete baby carriers in the market.

Warburton wants to encourage and support baby-wearing and help parents in this effort by promoting an ergonomic baby carrier that features safety, comfort, flexibility, and affordability.

Stellas Baby Team Positively Impacts Children Living in Poverty


Warburton is a passionate humanitarian and believer in supporting causes that are important. Along with her family, Warburton has been a proud sponsor of children through Children International (CI) for over a decade, a non-profit organization focussed on ending generational poverty through a proven approach. Over the past 80 years, they have developed a high-impact methodology that empowers children and youth to break free from poverty. With your support, children receive access to health care, educational resources and life-changing programs in safe, clean spaces.


Every sale of a Stellas Baby carrier means more than just money in their pockets. The company is donating a small portion of each sale of the baby carrier to Children International. Not only will your purchase help your journey into parenthood, but it will also impact a young kid’s life and support a small business.


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