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Parent And Me Event with Mom Influencer @FruitsofMotherhood: What to Expect

When brainstorming our Parent & Me Free Community event, we wanted to make sure the vibe was fun and real. We wanted parents to have fun, connect with each other and have their kids enjoy a space that was clean, fun and just cool!

We knew from the get go, that Linda was our go to gal in creating an atmosphere that was real but fun. When she agreed to join forces and present this event to the South Florida community along our side, we were blown away and will always be forever grateful!

The event sold out (100 guests) in just over 24 hours and we cannot wait to share with you what you want expect to see and do on Saturday, March 12 from 2-4pm. 

What To Expect:

  • Meet & Greet with Linda Fruits
  • Photo Opportunity with Linda & Guests
  • Story Time & Crafts with the characters Pomp, Snow & Cirqueumstance!
  • Free Play
  • Two Raffles

Important Note:
If you RSVP’d to the event, you will be receiving an email from DrLindsey@bestkidspt.com [check SPAM folder] with a time assignment as we can only accommodate 50 guests each hour inside the venue. 

Meet Linda Fruits

Linda Fruits Headshot

Linda Fruits is the content creator behind @FruitsofMotherhood, a community she has built with the mission to normalize the sweet, sour and rotten Fruits of Motherhood with a side of laughter.

Take a scroll on her feed and you will find real truths about motherhood presented with humor, honesty and light-heartedness. From funny videos of her impersonating her own kids and their kid-like demands, to quotes that are taken from every single mom’s brain (yet rarely ever spoken out loud by most), Linda is the voice of motherhood. She is a leader, a friend, and most importantly an amazing human being!

Linda has inspired thousands of mothers to just be themselves especially when they feel the most lost. She is so present in her social channels and is always making everyone who follows, comments, and messages feel seen. 

Linda shares tips for creating a healthy co-parenting relationship through careful communication as well as how she came out as a lesbian to her husband and social media community. She is raw, vulnerable and always relatable, because after all, motherhood is a community and it really does take a village. 

Some Words of Wisdom from Linda:

The hardest thing for me to learn as a new mom was knowing when and how to ask for help. It’s so easy to suffer through the hardships of being a mother and sometimes not realizing you don’t have to. 

Meet Our Event Partners


Meet Germaine and Nicole, the co-founders of Sol Playce.

With five kids in between them, Germain and Nicole have been all around town when it comes to entertaining their children. Through their journey of motherhood they were inspired to create a space that they wanted to exist when they themselves were on the search.

They wanted a place that was clean, fun, local, aesthetically pleasing and not each other’s homes. With a bright vision, they joined forces and designed a hub for both children and parents that they are so proud of. 

We are super pumped to host our first ever community event at one of the coolest new indoor play spaces in South Florida! Thank you both for teaming up with us to bring South Florida parents this opportunity.

Find SolPlayce on IG: @solplayce
Website: www.solplayce.com

Germaine Darmon
Nicole Dahan

Kind of a Big Dyl by Dylan Reback

Bringing the POP to your Parties

We are so grateful to have the talented Dylan as our event partner with a beautiful balloon art display for the meet and greet photos with Linda Fruits. 
If you haven’t seen the amazing work she creates, make sure you head over to her Instagram profile and check out her past events.

What started out in the guest hallway as a small T shirt shop has now become a full time passion into bringing small ideas to life. Dylan specialize in attention to detail, and personalizing diverse events. Her love of organization and planning has carried into a full-time career. She has the expertise, connections, and vision to produce events that are memorable and exceed expectations. 

She started from scratch in 2019 and has continued to grow since, she enjoys her pets just as equally as her parties. She has 4 “fur babies” who are her whole world and are often found sleeping on the job next to her supervising.

Find Dylan on IG: @kindofabigdyl_
Website: www.kindofabigdyl.com

Celebrate You Events

Celebrate You Events is a Parkland-based, luxury party planning business offering bespoke party planning for all kinds of celebrations.

Every single event is full of hundreds if not thousands of details. With the help of Rachel, we know our guests will have fun and want to return for more!

Find Rachel on IG: @celebrate.you.events
Website: www.celebrateyouevents.com

Cake & Purpose LLC

Meet Krystal Storey Davila, the founder and yummy specialist at Cake & Purpose.

She wears every hat at Cake & Purpose! She is the creator, owner and self-taught baker. For some unknown reason, she always wanted to make her children their own birthday cakes when she became a mother. After doing that a few times, she realized that she wanted to share her love for baking and her creative side with more than just her own family! And that’s when she started building Cake & Purpose from the ground up.

Her goal from the beginning has been to create something both delicious and unique for each and every client. When she not baking or decorating, she am usually busy spending time with her biggest supporters- her husband and two children.

She has lived in the South Florida area since she was a child, and she is so happy and privileged to now be serving that same community.

We are super excited to see and taste her sweet creations at our event. Thank you for your partnership!

Find Cake & Purpose on IG: @cakeandpurpose

Robyn Loves Crafts, LLC

Robyn is a crafter, mother, accountant, Coral Springs resident and Broward native.

She has a passion for crafting and creating beautiful unique items! As a child, she loved doing all types of crafty projects and making beaded jewelry as gifts for family and friends. She self-taught and began dabbling with Photoshop in 2010. She loved scrapbooking over the years, both by hand and digitally.

Once she had children, she had the joy of creating custom party invitations, as well as decorations and favors that were unique to her own parties, things made with love that you couldn’t find at the party store.

She spent some time painting kindness rocks and randomly placing them around South FL for people to find. In January 2020 she invested in herself and got serious with her crafting. From Sublimation to Vinyl to Resin Art, Robyn Loves Crafts!

She also loves to network with other small businesses, to offer branding and promo-type merchandise. Let Robyn create your ideas in real life with quality items like shirts, socks, mugs, tumblers, accessories, jewelry, party favors, and so much more! 

We are so grateful to have Robyn on board at an event giveaway partner.

We will be gifting four (4) lucky guests sublimation tumblers ($100 in value) created by Robyn herself! 

Katlyn Photography

Meet Katlyn! She is a South Florida based photographer. For many years, she has been inspired by her family and friends to capture their cherished moments. She is passionate about taking candid and in the moment memories. She looks forward to looking through the lens and snapping all of life’s important occasions for you to remember. Exceptional images deserve an extraordinary presentation. Katlyn’s main goal is for her clients to enjoy creating memories while allowing her to worry about the rest. Katlyn is honored to capture a part of your families story.

A huge thank you to Katlyn for capturing memories of our event!

Contact Katlyn: KR_Photo@outlook.com
Phone: (954) 224-4761

About Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training

At Jump Start Physical Therapy and Training our mission is to educate, provide excellent care, and ultimately empower our parents to be our partners in their child’s care. We are building and supporting a community of strong, confident, and empowered parents to provide the tools, time, and space to allow their child to grow, develop, and explore with intention and safety. We are a concierge pediatric physical therapy practice in South Florida that provides in-home or place of choice, evidence-based physical therapy and wellness services to promote motor development in the environment the child is most comfortable. We also offer virtual wellness consultations to answer any questions you may have about your infant’s development, advice on your child’s progress, and to discuss the goals you want your kiddo to achieve. If you have any questions please reach out to schedule a virtual wellness consultation by writing to info@BestKidsPT.com.

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